To Autumn
short film II 15min
A story about a woman-transgender who once was a man. In the beginning of narration our main hero comes to a doctor with a desire to return his original gender. So difficult it was to live in a woman's body.

Disappointment follows him everywhere: awkward situations with his ex-wife who lives in a room next to him. Shame and aversion from his rising son. Harassment from his male colleagues at work and annoying admirer who went crazy. So whom is more difficult to be- woman or man? Towards the end of a story hero gives up on believing in his status.

Finally gaining a foothold in a desire to return his male gender, he finds a bouquet of flowers on his table signed by that doctor. And it means that everything is not that bad.

That's way we see a confrontation of two worlds (male and female) in domestic circumstances of an industrial city.

Grey industrial views of the city underlines melancholic mood of the narration.
Autumn is a time of conceptualisation
Time when people summarise everything, make fatal decisions
The majority of the story is happening during twilight- a kind of transition period of uncertainty in which the hero is at the moment.

Man around 40s, skinny. Looks organic in a female role.
We can see a fatigue on his face. He is disappointed with his current status.

Foretype of the main hero- Julia Solovieva
In 2014 a venturesome football fan, famous sports journalist from Ekaterinburg and a father of two children made an unusual act: changed his gender in the age of 49! Everyone around him described him as a real man: right and manly. Yuri organised meetings and sports competitions for troopers and was always proud that he was in the army. And at one moment he took on a wig, changed his clothes to female one, started to make a manicure and announced to all his friends and colleagues: «I am a woman, call me Julia».
August 2018