Short film almanas about Piter and its inhabitants with the eyes of BUSHE and VGNC, NewYork, 2016

Red Apple 2016 Grand Prix
Cannes Lions 2017 short list
This is Piter. Not St-Petersburg, not Leningrad - namely Piter.

A city of great ambitions and opportunities. Usually unrealized. It is often joked that all the blame is a special climate. As if he makes us all a bit lazy and unhurried and turns the city into an endless northern Magnani. But let's be honest: if there were still good weather, you would all have moved here. So thank you, God, for the desired climate!

Piter is first of all people. Not museums, not cathedrals and not drawbridges. People - this is the present. They fill the city with meaning. Make it alive. Rock musicians and street artists, businessmen and careerists, conductors, cooks, officials, urban crazy, just visitors. Everything here is interesting. Uneasy... Everybody is native. City swallows.

Directors: Alexei Sobolev, Pavel Buryak

The film was attended by actors:
Oleg Garkusha, Pavel Barshak, Evgeny Tsyganov, Dyadya Misha from DDT band, soloist of the group "ZimaVsegda" Eugene Kubynin, musician Anton Malinen, Sansara band. The project expects to get a full-length sequel in 2017.